Have you ever looked at the chemicals contained in a can of bug spray? It’s enough to R.I.D. not just bugs but an entire planet!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in getting “rid” of my R.I.D. this daily leavened bread by relying on The Power of God”)

You’re restless ’cause you can’t see with God’s Eyes.

You’re irritable ’cause no one acts right.

You’re discontent ’cause you haven’t the prize.

You’re R.I.D. Get “rid” of wanting more by might.

I’m restless ’cause I’m not “bigger picture.”

I’m irritable ’cause no one acts right.

You and I are discontent ’cause stricture

and struggle from this world slay us uptight.

“Get R.I.D. of every malice: R.I.D. of all

bitterness, rage, fighting, slander. God loves.”

We can’t afford one moment of a brawl.

Forgive them their fists. Retire the boxing gloves.

That we “might” try control, Heaven forbid.

God is Controlled Power when we are R.I.D.

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