We have the choice whether to raise our voice for animals or not, but bear in mind that the choice not to help one of God’s Animals is “no choice” when it comes to helping one of God’s Humans.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the ‘lone’ choice to seek Jesus in all my affairs this daily leavened bread”)

Do you choose “alone” or are you lonely?

When you are alone, you have made that choice.

Lonely is not a choice. It is only

you far away from Home, far from God’s Voice.

I’m mostly alone but always lonely.

Introverted me needs my “alone time.”

Extroverted me needs people “known”ly

for their kindness. I get hurt on a dime.

“Even in death valley, Jesus is there

with His Rod and Staff to comfort us.” He

can choose, too, whether alone or elsewhere.

Jesus chooses here with His sheep. “Don’t flee!”

The cliché: “Am I lonely or alone?”

The choice: “Will I seek Jesus or postpone?”

2 thoughts on “THE CHOICE

  1. I am both lonely and alone. I can relate to this very complicated situation. I don’t reach out very often, not sure I have reach out muscles.


  2. I think we all have “reach out” muscles. We just need to exercise them because they have been dormant from lack of use, previous hurts, failures and disappointments. We owe it to ourselves to work out these muscles.


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