I “just trust” God will end animal abuse: Just set all animal captives free and they’ll just stop dominating animals just because they can!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it just how I cope to hope in ‘just trust’ God in ALL my stormed affairs”)

You’ve got no hope. All you got is distrust.

“How am I gonna get out of this mess?”

You can pray, “God, help me!” Then, comes “unjust.”

Your prayer worked but not the way you would guess.

I got a long list of unanswered prayers.

I wanted bright stars but I got “settle.”

I got “sufficient grace” in stormed affairs.

I got “just trust” God, pedal to metal.

We just stop playing God. We “just trust” God.

God’s Word is just a lamp unto our feet.

When we “just trust” God to guide us, we’re shod

to walk in God’s Grace. Walk solo, we’re beat!

“I got this” without God is just disgust.

“God’s got this” is for the hurting. “Just trust.”

2 thoughts on ““JUST TRUST”

  1. “Settle” sometimes doesn’t settle us much if we want more. But Grace can be a gracefully great “settle” 😉


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