man’s Only Best Friend

Dogs are definitely man’s (my) best four-legged friend; Jesus is man’s (my) Only Best two-legged Friend!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; ” it’s how I cope to hope in Jesus, my Only Best two-legged Friend”)

Your only best friend is someone of formed

from dust. He’s great! He’s the one you adore.

When he returns to dust, what then? When stormed,

who will you run to? Jesus is ashore.

My only best friend is Jesus. Conflict

ended when He loved me the “Lovely Way.”

No one but Him has suffered my afflict.

I got pain. I got Jesus to allay.

“I lay down my life to receive it New,”

says Jesus. No “man’s best friend” can compete.

man might die for us but then he’s all through.

Jesus sacrifices, then lives; REPEAT!

A “best bud” is who sees us to the end.

Jesus ends.

Then starts….

man’s only Best Friend.

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