My eyes are on the Sparrow, NOT the thorns, on my Spirit at flight, NOT my flesh at decay.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in thorn removal today this daily leavened bread”)

There’s a thorn in your flesh. The thorn is you.

It’s you too much, “I demand to know how!”

God’s Grace sufficient when you’re cut into.

Demand nothing but what you got right now.

The thorn in my flesh is not the pin prick.

It IS the flesh; my body will decay.

My Spirit makes me younger, never sick.

I get better and better when God’s Way.

Apostle Paul staked not what was this thorn

in his flesh, but we know it was ego

stabbing into his flesh, leaving him torn.

JESUS, thorn- and prick- and fleshless: TRIO!

It’s gonna take God and us at enmesh

to Gracefully yank this thorn from our flesh.

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