All my children: Clarabelle Pig, Conrad (“Connie”) and Blue. I have “published” that my love for them will NEVER fail! No “punished” here!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in unfailing love to be published and not punished”)

You’ve published to all that you’re furious.

You’ve been punished by all, hence this “woes war.”

Make peace now while you’re irked injurious.

“But he wronged me!” He wronged himself. Ignore!

I’ve published to all that I’m sensitive.

I’ve been punished by no one but me. I’m

the one at war with me. Time to forgive

me for needing too much of you sublime.

“Love ’cause fear has to do with punishment.”

We publish tolerance, no need to roam.

Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, was banishment

until His Father God welcomed Him Home.

Let us come Home to God just as we wished.

Love will NEVER fail! Punished or published?


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