Some like to say animals are dumb because they can’t speak or reason like us. Fine, if some want to believe that, but what animals do have that so few of us do is stillness. God’s Love starts there.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the stillness right now where Jesus begins”)

“Be still,” God tells you. “Listen for my voice.”

“Start now,” God implores you. “I am on time.”

You’re distracted by you from the wrong choice.

You’ll be “right” when you less speak of things grime.

I start in the stillness, end in the Gloam

of God, the Joy of Jesus. I’m Holy.

When they find me off course, they bid me home.

My abode is above. Down here, lowly.

The world is loud but the Spirit is soft.

The hate screams but the heart is a whisper.

God’s Love is a caress, a hidden loft

that drowns out angry crowds who love to stir.

“Finished” comes from our pride and willfulness.

Begins Jesus. He starts in the stillness.

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