Don’t forget your meat had a face like yours and a fate desired like yours. God’s Word says, “Don’t forget My Lines that an animal has a soul and I love him or her because he or she is very precious to Me”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in never forgetting God’s Lines that say I’m loved intensely and immensely”)

You forget your lines when it comes to truth.

You act the part of one who is inept.

You’ve been playing this part ever your youth.

God’s Spotlight is yours. Step into adept.

I forget my lines when the curtain parts.

The show closes because I didn’t show

up. What has opened is New-Found Fine Arts:

I am an actor whose lines are God’s “Know.”

“All scripture is given by God inspired.”

Nothing imperfect about it. It’s good

for correcting our lines when we’re required

to show up with love in our adulthood.

In last days, there’ll be “I forgot God” signs.

God’s Words are for when we forget our lines.


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