By all God means necessary, just “be” today….don’t do “the do”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in just ‘be’ing today this daily leavened bread and not doing ‘the do'”)

You’re bent down from “the do.” You’re a “be”ing.

You weren’t meant to carry burdens. Just “be”

who God intended you to be: Seeing

that you were loved from the get-go by He

who loves me even when I’m fantasy:

“Life is too hard. I’m gonna do ‘the do,'”

escape from reality. Need Him to be

everything for me; His Touch speaks, “it’s true!”

“Rest well, my little man. I’m God, you’re ‘be.'”

We’re not “the do,” for that is to prove worth.

“Worthy we” already. God’s Love is free

gain “do”ing nothing. We were “be” at birth.

We don’t have to “be” anything but “you.”

Loving God is when we don’t do “the do.”

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