When we see a dog leashed up to a parking meter, we put all our money in the meter to show we are loving him or her the only way we can

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in loving me and you the only way I can which is through ‘The Love Man'”)

They only love you when April to May.

The other ten months, it’s you loving them.

Not fair, right? All year there must be some way

for love to meet in the middle? Yes! HIM!

I wasn’t taught that love was free and full.

Love had a meter on it; quarters rare.

Love didn’t speak, “I’m fond of you, no null,

no void.” No coins left over for “I care.”

When One Loves the world, so sends His One Son

in the Name of Love, the world can’t compute.

The world knows not this Love can’t be undone.

We know it’s this Love we need Absolute.

God’s Loving us through Jesus, “The Love Man.”

They’re loving us the only way they can.

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