All God’s Creatures are all our neighbors.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in agreeing with All God’s Neighbors”)

Hey, why don’t you spend time with your neighbor.

Get to know him or her….and their pets, too.

Wrap a gift, walk over, worth the labor.

Don’t be afraid to love them. They’ll love you.

Where I live, a neighbor cannot be found.

I have to settle for loving the ‘B’s.

The birds, the bears, the bugs, the bees abound.

“Hey, neighbor! I’ll ‘B’ there for you! At ease.”

“Love your neighbor as yourself, agreeing.”

Hands, paws, wings, fins, whether two legs or 4.

Agree neighbors are each living being

we share the planet with. Love God’s Earth more!

Jesus loved neighbors, all creatures His friends.

“Hey, neighbor!” Blessed the one who always lends.

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