“Is this lady thanking God for ‘bringing down’ one of God’s giraffe?” Don’t “bring it (anger) down” toward God’s Animals. Let them live wild and free as God intended. “No thank you, lady, but thank you, God.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in what Jesus ‘bring it down’ and what is it? LOVE!”)

They yell at you and you say, “Bring it down.”

They just want to be heard. You, compliant.

Anger is, “Hear me! See me! Come around!”

You’re heard and seen when a gentle giant.

I “bring it down” when I’m up to my neck

in anger. I get buried in the sand.

The sand is quick to sink me to a speck.

4 more inches and I’m gone. “Where’s that hand?”

“I will grab you with My Righteous Right Hand,”

says God. “Your anger won’t sink you. Jesus

is those Footprints in the sand.” We are manned,

for He’s the Man who “bring Love down” for us.

We can travel with anger town to town.

Let us journey Light. Let us “bring it down.”

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