If animals can hug us, we can certainly hug them back, right? But, wait, we don’t hug anymore, do we? Boy, we are missing out on SOOOOO much by not hugging.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in a ‘Love hug’ today, COVID or no COVID, ’cause I know ‘Love don’t fail'”)

You’ve lost the race time and more time again.

You failed and were denied the winner’s crown.

What are you racing for? Who is your “win?”

All acclaim you chase, still left with a frown.

Did I really fail or was it my glass

to drink from to taste the sweetest defeat?

I wouldn’t know God if I did amass

wins. Disappointment essential. God, I did meet.

Love is patient and kind. It never fails.

The world will hate us. Jesus recovers

what the locust ate. He’ll turn all our wails

into “win some, lose none.” Take heart, lovers.

Sit right back up and listen to this Tale:

Stands a Man Glorified ’cause Love don’t fail.

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