This meerkat has no fear that The Hour is near

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Mark 13:35, for The Hour I do not know, but me? AWAKE!”)

You keep on the watch, waiting for your hour.

It won’t come on your time nor by your sky.

“But I know my clock is correct.” Power

and Praise of Him is timed by God on High.

I keep on the watch, praying He will show

up soon. I want to go Home. I am spent.

He won’t come until all will come to know

He’s King Jesus, the One who came and went.

“What I say to you all: Keep on the watch.

The Hour, none know but God who is ‘My Make.'”

They can lie down and consider their blotch.

They can slumber in number. We? AWAKE!

We are alert. We wait. We pray. We scour.

Keep on the watch. None but God know The Hour.

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