Please don’t surrender your pet. With a lifetime home for him or her, God will “surrender” to you Home runs effortlessly.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in moment-by-moment surrender this daily leavened bread [second day off from work]”)

You think to surrender in one lump sum.

It is moment-by-moment that you raise

your hands up and say, “I can’t be a bum

with nowhere to go!” Go Home where God stays.

I have to surrender when I’m dead tired,

“I’m dead,” when I have no fight left in me.

“I’m alive” at the moment I am hired

to do God’s Will. Not just alive, “I’m FREE!”

“I’m alive. I died with Christ. Christ is FREE!”

Gone the games as anti-Heaven heathens.

We “surrender” Home runs effortlessly.

With man, we are “outs.” With God, bequeath “ins.”

Whether lifetime crime or first offender,

God is moment-by-moment surrender.


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