People and animals are for the “take” and NOT the “leave”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope this daily leavened bread in saying ‘I’ll take the Deep Love of God'”)

It’s true that they can take you or leave you.

They’re “okay” if you hang around or not.

You are dispensable. You are their “who

needs him, really?” Maybe they don’t get “got.”

If they take me, I will put up no fight.

If they try to leave me, I’ll pluck out eyes.

“Take” is passive, “leave” is aggressive, “might”

is “mighty” anxiety. Strength tells lies.

“I’m not One who will take you or leave you,

for I never ‘up-down’ like a see-saw.”

God don’t “play” with us like toys. If we knew

how deep the Love of God, would we withdraw?

We can seek the glory of man: Bereave.

We can rest in God’s Deep Love: Take or leave?

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