I need help, Jesus! I looked at #1 Beatitude and it should read, ‘theirs.” Then I looked at the #4 (my spiritual number) Beatitude and saw another error; it should read ‘….for they shall be satisfied.’ ‘Should be satisfied?’ ‘Will be satisfied?’ Yes, I desperately need help, Jesus!” 😂

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Love Beatified this daily leavened bread through the 8 Beatitudes”)

You don’t go deeper ’cause there’s hurt down there.

Your deepest part of the ocean is fear.

You must bring all this to the surface. Air

and Amen meet. Life no longer austere.

I “deep sea dive” for every plan and cause.

I’ve nothing but water in me; I’m a camel.

My dry, brittle bones don’t break for His Laws:

“Go deep the desert, My humped-back mammal.”

“When you go deep waters, I am with you.”

Jesus said. “In drought, I’m your H2O.”

There is no typhoon or haboob due to

our inner storm that He can’t undertow.

We go deeper with Jesus as our Guide.

What we will find is Love Beatified.

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