I can’t think of any better “thank you” than leaving God’s Animals off your plate

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in an avalanche of ‘thank you’ this daily bread as a vegan”)

You could move any mountain with “thank you.”

Morning awakening is when you thank

God for the day ahead lived as “love through.”

“Thank you” when you recognize your eye’s plank.

I “thank you,” particularly when hurt.

“Blessed when they persecute you for God’s Sake.”

Persecute me, then. I need the Blessed Spurt

of God’s Love. “Thank you” for my heart at ache.

“Give thanks for God’s Goodness and Love and Peace.”

“Thank you” for sending us Your Only Son,

Jesus Christ, for through Him is the decrease

of us so He can Increase. He earned #1!

The Lord is our Shepherd. We are His ewe

and ram. We are the Faith in Him. “Thank you.”

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