LOVE: It’s Him “in and out” as Interlace

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in more ‘in’ than ‘out’ as Interlace of Jesus’ Love”)

You’re up one minute, down the next; “new norm?”

You don’t do norm and not sure about new.

The “in and out” is Spirit versus form,

Jesus versus world. Who will you look to?

I don’t do norm; I am, though, “in and out,”

working out world while slain by the Spirit.

“In” with Jesus, “out” with my flesh. New route

to New Love through Him. None can diSpirit.

“Therefore if one in Christ, New Creation.”

No more “in and out” for all is God’s Grace.

There is balance in Faith, not frustration.

If norm, it’s Him “in and out” as Interlace.

We think God wants from us more than we are.

God wants our heart and our every last scar.

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