(a photograph by Timothy J. Verret)

A guest blessed me to photograph his black and white socks for his one pair of shoes. I was drawn in by the bravery of a man daring enough to wear black and white socks at the same time. He wanted to cover the hole at the toe of the white sock, but I told him, “Don’t you dare! It’s that hole that has truly intrigued me.” Because we walk around with holes not only in our socks but also in our souls.

The yin and the yang. The light and the dark. The fill and the hole. Isn’t that what we all are feeling (and filling) nowadays? And I, for one, would not have it any other way. I want it “both”er way!

I am much drawn to the dark, but it’s not for the reasons you think. I don’t excite in the dark as far as following “you know who?” I don’t care to stay in the dark, for the light is good for my complexion and my soul. I only go more naturally to the dark because I want to bring back the light I find there. Yes, you can find the light in the dark if that’s why you go there in the first place. If you go to the dark to bring back dark, what have you accomplished? I go to the dark to bring back the truth, too. If there was some other way to get to the truth without going into the dark, I would hope I would go that way. But it’s my experience that I have to go the path of the dark for the lighting of the truth.

I would imagine most people don’t want to go to the dark because they are afraid of what they might find, right? Or that they wouldn’t come back? I came back, so why wouldn’t they? I was too afraid of what I might find, but oh look what I found! I found the truth in the dark. I found the light in the dark. And I couldn’t find these things any other way.

I now live by the light, though the dark calls to me when I need to go into the shadows and find what lurks there. It’s not always a scary thing that lurks there. Sometimes it is something buried, something hiding, but it is ALWAYS something that is worth finding and bringing back. Because when it’s brought back, I get to give it away. I get to give in a sonnet, in a painting, in a photograph, in a story, in an acting role. I get to give away my soul not because I don’t want my soul no more, but because I want to share my soul with you. I want your soul in mine, mine in yours, because what is a soul if it not be for the sharing, the togetherness, the mystical union of a mystery? SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE is one of my favorite films (#9 on all-time favorites list and #1 for all-time favorite romantic film), and I just heard that line in my head repeated over and over in this film when someone wants the answer to something from another. The answer always is: “I don’t know….it’s a mystery!” Yes, yes, YES! It IS a mystery and it needs to be that. Because if the mystery ends up getting solved, what is left of the search? What is left of the journey? What is left when I look at you and say, “Mystery this with me,” and you look at me and pose the same question to me? Let us “mystery this together.”

Shoes with black and white socks worn at the same time is simply one embracing the light and the dark. Not staying in one or the other too long, because it is about balance. The yin and the yang. The light and the dark. The fill and the hole. Let’s face it: Things have to change. God never changes, but we do. We change all the time. And we can’t change what we don’t know, and we won’t know until we go into the dark to bring back the light….the truth.

Thank you, guest, for your inspiring foot wear.

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