(a painting and post and prayer by Timothy J. Verret)

Today, while sitting outside on the back porch, I knew I needed my heart worked on by Jesus. I felt this “closing” of my heart, this need for its distancing from others, and a refusal to align my heart with anyone. As I looked to my left, my eye caught on the trash can this recycling symbol:

And then I took to the canvas and the painting at the top is what I created. I call the painting, “RECYCLE MY HEART,” because I need Jesus to recycle my heart so that it lines up with another’s recycled heart.

When I get scared and I’m uncertain and I feel disconnected, I will often withdraw. I say it’s because I’m introverted, i.e., need “alone time” to….well….get recycled, but this is only partly true. I withdraw for fear of getting of hurt, rejected, thought less of, thought not needed. Like the painting, I get scattered around my heart and lines shoot off from it, as though my heart is being “white whipped and washed.”

With this painting, I would like to go to prayer now:

“Dear God, You know my heart. You are the Only One who knows what it has been through and how I fear it might go through more hurt all over again. I also know, God, that You know I am not Jesus but, like Jesus, I speak this: ‘I did not come for the healthy and the happy but for the lonely and the lost.’ I can often feel, God, that my heart is not needed by the healthy and the happy but for the hurt and the hopeless, I can feel they desperately need my heart. Continue me, God, along the path of ‘the walk and talk AND Heart of Jesus Christ.’ Recycle my heart, God, so that it aligns with Jesus’ Heart. Recycle my heart, God, so that it aligns with the people and the animals who might just need a recycled heart, as well. My heart can do NOTHING without Jesus. Only Jesus recycles my heart so that it is not discarded like garbage. Seeing that recycling symbol on that trash can today was the reminder from You, God, that my heart is not going to be thrown away like trash but rather be recycled for Your Sake….for Love’s Sake. Count me worthy to have the Heart of Jesus in me available to all who You need to see it, feel it, know it, and love it. Allow my heart to be recycled, God, so that I will see, feel, know, and love the hearts of those who You deem worthy to have their hearts recycled along with mine. It is to Your Honor, Your Glory, and Your Grace, God, that I pray this, and this prayer is answered through the Holy Spirit and through the Precious Blood of the Precious Heart of the Precious Son of God, Jesus Christ….Amen.”

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