CRUELTY FREE (a painting by Timothy J. Verret)
This is what your cosmetics and cleaning supplies tested on animals looks like. Is your beauty and cleanliness worth this????

Please visit this website for a list of beauty and cleaning products that are NOT tested on animals and support their choice for compassion:…/

Breaks my “bunny heart” to know what these bunnies in research labs have to endure for our pleasure and comfort. Did you know that these bunnies often break their backs and other bones trying to get out of these tiny torture chambers? It happens….a lot.

“But we have to test on them to make sure the products are safe for us?” Really? Then how can we explain companies that do NOT test on animals and give us the same products that are effective for our use? We ARE talking about money (yes, yet again!). It is cheaper to use animals and thus products tested on animals are cheaper for us to purchase. The products NOT tested on animals cost cruelty-free companies more more money and is why these products are more expensive to purchase. But can we put a price on broken backs and bones of bunnies?

I do hope you will visit the website for cruelty-free products listed above and consider purchasing only supplies that come from companies that do NOT test on animals. NOTE: If you purchase any product and it does NOT say, “not tested on animals,” or does NOT have the “cruelty free” icons pictured below, then the company’s product either tests on animals OR invests in a second-party company that tests on animals.

It’s really good to know these things, and it’s really good to know that God’s Animals deserve to be treated with love and compassion.

Blessings and love always for ALL God’s People and God’s Animals,

-Timothy J. Verret

PLEASE only buy products with these symbols

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