“I care about you because you care about me.” Same words from BOTH man AND pig, BOTH held in God’s Arms!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in caring about All God’s Creation” [sonnet inspired by Romans 8:28])

You think if you withhold, they’ll search you out,

explore you, discover you, treasure worth.

You were found when God said, “This one, I’ll route

to care for My Creation, why this birth.”

I’ve been worked on by God to care for you.

Animals, check. Humans, check. Hurting, check.

Happy, do they need my care? Yes, to woo

them a new view when they are plank, me speck.

We’ve been called to care for all of God’s Keep.

Their burdens are ours. Our heart is their hope.

Jesus sheared with gentleness every sheep.

He took Graced Time at the hour of upslope.

In all things, God is lifetime love affair,

held in God’s Arms. Them? We’ve been called to care.

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