And the winner is….neither! No one wins in a conflict.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I TRY to cope with conflict by instead loving and forgiving all through God’s Grace”)

You are in conflict between “all must go”

versus “all must stay.” Why? Abandonment.

You’re leaning toward “go,” flee, none in tow.

Back to booze? NO!!!! Against the commandment.

I dream away hours planning my escape.

It needs to be painless, though “cuts” will bleed.

If I let them stay, I’ll endure the rape

of my senses; hearts break at break-neck speed.

New Commandment: Must love one another.

New Abandonment: Forgive each other.

Old Life: We no longer hurt or smother.

New Life: No conflict! God is Big Brother.

“You keep ‘stealing’ my joy, though not intent.”

Conflict resolution is God well spent.

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