When it comes to hotels where we all dwell, is it “hard sell” or “soft sell?” What I mean by that is the world is hotels were we all check in and stay. I wish I could “keep it simple,” but I have to go deeper than just selling for a hotel. I have to write about all who dwell in hotels to make my thoughts and opinions and insights more well-rounded like the world globe, applying them for not only business but also pleasure.

First things first (making sure I keep my job), what is a “hard sell” vs. a “soft sell” when it comes to getting guests to a hotel like DISCOVERY INN & SUITES? A “hard sell” would seem to suggest, “stay at our hotel….or else!!!!” I certainly don’t want to sell our hotel that way. But a “hard sell” could also mean offering discounts and promotions that wet the appetite for the guests and leaves them with no other choice but to check in and stay. I like that “hard sell” much better. With a “soft sell,” I could let the guests stay at the hotel for free, but I am sure my manager, Mr. P, would have much to say about that one. 😒 But a “soft sell” could be front desk clerks greeting each guest with a smile, calling them by name, checking them in efficiently and safely to their room. It could be the housekeepers making sure that the guests have everything they need, where staff and management is always ready and willing to provide as the occasion arises. It could also be providing exceptional amenities like free Hi-Speed Internet, free Satellite TV, a room equipped with a desk and chairs, shelves, and a private bath. A “soft sell” could mean all these things, and it does mean all these things when it comes to checking in and staying at DISCOVERY INN & SUITES. 

Remember when I said I needed to go deeper and talk about “hotels where all dwell,” pleasure in addition to business? I didn’t forget about this, by the way. But what is “hard sell” vs. “soft sell” when it comes to all who dwell in world hotels? We all “sell” ourselves to others, whether we believe we do or not. We present an image to others so that they will like us and take pleasure in being in our company. We can do this, and we do, by either a “hard sell” or a “soft sell.” Let me explain: If I am giving someone a “hard sell,” I am basically demanding that this person appease me, please me, give me what I want when I want it. And, unfortunately, I’m guilty of this from time to time, and it never works out all that well. Most, if not all, relationships that are this “hard sell” don’t buy much time with others. But if we “soft sell” ourselves to others, we stand a chance of buying some greatly rewarding and pleasurable relationships. How do we “soft sell” this way to others? Well, kinda like selling a hotel business, we greet others with a smile, call them by name, check on them efficiently and safely wherever they are and go, make sure that they have what they need, and we are always ready and willing to provide for them as the occasion arises. And if we offer them exceptional amenities, it certainly won’t hurt when it comes to a “soft sell” to make it through the “hard” times with others.

“Soft sell” yourself today. Don’t “hard sell.” Chances are life is hard enough on others already without having to sell them more “hard.” Know what I mean? And we don’t need the “hard sell” from others, either. “Soft sell” goes both both ways. “Soft sell” others by the Holy Spirit which “produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23). You just might get to taste the “soft sell” fruit yourself.

– Timothy J. Verret, Front Desk Clerk and Creative Marketing Rep


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