Don’t matter about the other 7 CVMA Principles. The first CMVA Principle says it all, and it says it all for non-CVMA principles we are to preamble, too!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in living the preamble to life with God’s Love first”)

Why were you so unkind to his deep pain?

Don’t you know he needed a friend in you?

Now that he is gone, you are left with vain.

You were the preamble for his “debut?”

When I was born, the preamble was He

knew exactly why I’d arrive on time.

He was the forecaster for my mommy

to hold me tight, to tell me, “Now, we climb.”

“In the beginning, God was Preamble.”

First of First, way before our little cares.

Without God, we’d have nothing to shamble

or ramble about. Nothing don’t climb stairs.

The preamble to life is God comes first.

Us, second. The rest? We need God well-Versed.

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