“See that innocent deer over there? I’m gonna kill her and you go find her for me. But don’t worry about bringing her back. This is not for food. It’s for FUN!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in ‘don’t hurt anyone’ today, this daily bread”)

When you are sorrowful, you hurt someone.

The flaming arrows hit you; you flame back.

Your pain becomes their pain; your hit-and-run

is killing them while you are in flashback.

When I’ve lost faith, I hurt dearest to me.

I sponge them of all their faith faculties.

I need the nearest and dearest to be

everything for me. Their my casualities.

“Do unto others as you need their ‘do’

to be kind, thoughtful, gentle.” We don’t hurt

another anything, man or beast. Through

The Golden Rule of God, we must assert

LOVE. The hunter can polish his handgun.

We clean and shine our hearts. Don’t hurt someone.

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