I am so guilty as charged: I LOVE SHELTER DOGS! There is no better way to show love for a dog than adopting a classic canine from your local shelter TODAY, DOGust 1 (August 1, 2020), which is the Universal Birthday For Shelter Dogs! Now is more urgent than ever, as families displaced because of COVID can mean dogs unfortunately displaced, too (that said, I ain’t gonna be displaced nowhere, God Willing, if my beloved dog [and cat] won’t be coming with me 🐶🐱).

What can you do to make this Dogust 1st (August 1, 2020) the best Universal Shelter Dog Birthday EVER?:

  1. Adopt, adopt, ADOPT from the local shelter:  If you live in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, Lafayette Animal Shelter & Care Center (LASCC) is located at 613 Pont Des Mouton Road, Lafayette, LA 70507. While monetary donations are helpful, shelters need to find forever-loving homes for their homeless dogs. Please visit to adopt your best friend today. You can also stop by the shelter at the address provided; they are open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday (they are closed on Saturday and Sunday). If you don’t live in the Lafayette area, please seek out your nearest animal shelter. You can find a list of shelters at Take your best friend home TODAY!
  2. Volunteer at the local shelter: Shelters always need more volunteers to visit and play with the dogs, as well as walk them. Contact your local animal shelter to find out about volunteer opportunities. Your smiling face and helpful hand might be the only thing a shelter dog sees and feels the day you are there, and that could mean the world to him/her.
  3. Pamper your adopted canine: If you already have an adopted dog, thank you! If you adopted him/her from the shelter, two paws way up! This DOGust 1st (August 1), pamper your dog even more than you usually do. Buy him/her a new plush bed or toy, go for a longer-than-usual walk or spend the day at the park (please bring water for you and your pooch). Just do anything that your furry friend likes. Let this be their day and let this day be all about them!
  4. Please do not buy from breeders: There is absolutely no excuse for buying dogs and puppies from breeders when there are healthy, homeless dogs in the shelter looking for a good home. As I am fond of saying, “Until there is not one single dog or puppy in a homeless animal shelter, than no one should be breeding dogs!” Contact companies like craigslist, who allow the placement of “breeder ads,” and tell them to stop posting these ads. Most breeders are only looking to make money off of their innocent dogs. Breeding dogs is NOT a job.
  5. SPAY AND NEUTER!: There wouldn’t be any homeless dogs and puppies in shelters if responsible guardians would spay and neuter their pets. If you have not spayed or neutered your dog, please consider doing this to control pet overpopulation. You can Google for the nearest spay and neuter clinic in your area. There are low-cost spay and neuter clinics in almost every major city in the US, so please give them a call now, as they tend to have long waiting lists.

Shelter dogs are counting on you to give them the best Universal Birthday present EVER!

🦴“Make DOGust a ‘MUTT MUST’ Day for sheltered dogs!”🦴

(PLEASE NOTE: Sheltered cats have something to say: “When do we get our ‘MEOW MUST’ birthday???? 😿)

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