THE 1 OF THE 99 OF THE 100

(a painting by Timothy J. Verret)

This is a painting that was done after I wrote the blog post, THE 1 OF THE 99 OF THE 100 (

What is interesting about this painting is that it was actually done BEFORE I made a startling revelation about the above post. I refer you most humbly to read that post BEFORE I reveal this, okay? I think you’ll see where I’m going with this. After reading, please return here to me 😎

It came to my attention that the “1” on the opposite side of the room I wrote about who did not like me or care about me is actually ME! Now, this painting being done BEFORE this revelation is interesting, because the “1” on the left side of the painting clearly is “stabbing” me, the “100,” in the center. Can you see those streaks from the “1” that are cutting into my body? Interesting, also, is that the “99” on the right side of the picture seem “removed” from me, i.e., there is a clear distance, if that’s the right word, between the “99” and me in the center, and there is a sense of “calm” with them. Do you see that? This all makes total sense, to me anyway, because if the “1” is actually me, the “stabs” and “cuts” to the “100” (me) are my own self-inflicted wounds. It’s me hurting me. The “99” in their serenity are NOT stabbing or cutting me, because the “99” have no interest in stabbing or cutting me. And those tears of blood from the eyes of the “100” (me) is probably shed because of the harm I inflict on myself.

I know this is really all VERY deep, but I don’t quite know how NOT to be VERY deep. But what I do know is that not all circumstances and occasions in my life call for this VERY deep. I am unable at this time in my life to make these distinctions known in their totality.

I think what I have done here, that I am not all that happy about, is I have spoon-fed you comments regarding my painting. What spoon-feeding you does is it leaves you with no room to make your own observations about the painting. And that is NOT something that I, as an artist, care to do, i.e., “you tell me what YOU see, but I don’t get to tell you what I see.”

Now, you might not see anything in this painting but the sick mind of an artist, but that’s okay. You might see the beauty in the pain or the pain in the beauty of this painting, but that’s okay, too. You might even see some things that I don’t see, and that MOST DEFINITELY is okay. I want YOU to be altered by the painting in some way because if you are not, what I have accomplished here in my pursuit of artistic expression is nothing short of masturbation (sorry, I didn’t mean to “go there,” but no other word quite fit the mold). I don’t want to create for MY pleasure; I want to create for YOUR insight. What I’m really saying here is: Enough about me; more about YOU.

As always, comments and feedback and suggestions and critiques are most welcome. That said, please try not to hurt my feelings 😘

-Timothy J. Verret

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