“Animals move without needing to think about it. How do you move?”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; please read Matthew 10:29-31 [“it’s how I cope to hope for God to ‘move’ me to have more hair so He can number them”])

You reach out to them first. It is not fair

that you have to initiate the call.

A one-way street is a lonely nowhere.

You need their need before the night must fall.

I make this about me. I am the man

standing alone; they are the ones influx.

They are flowing joy while I’m dripping pan.

Discarded. Thrown out. I want to be crux.

“More valuable to God than flocked sparrows.”

Of course, the sparrows still matter to God

as we do, no exclusion. God narrows

His Vision for all inclusion. We nod.

Once again, I’ve gotten off topic. Prove

you care about t(His) lamenting. Your move….

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