THE 1 OF THE 99 OF THE 100

“What do you think? If a man owns 100 sheep, and 1 of them wanders away, will he not leave the 99 on the hills and go to look for the 1 that wandered off?” (Matthew 18-12)

I had this vision the other day when I was talking to my therapist:

I was in this room that I called God’s Room. The Holy Spirit was there because I invited the Holy Spirit to be there. I stood in the center of the room. There were 99 people on one side of the room, but there was 1 person on the opposite side of the room. The 99 in the room liked me, cared about me, and I liked them and cared about them. The 1 on the opposite side of the room, however, didn’t like me, didn’t care about me, yet I did. My eyes were only on this 1, while the 99 were waving at me, trying to get my attention, as if to say, “Hey, Timothy, do you see us over here? We like you and care about you. Why have you forsaken us?” But I was looking toward the 1, as if to say, “Yeah, yeah, I know you 99 are over there, but this 1 over here doesn’t like me or care about me, so I gotta get this 1 to like me and care about me.”

As the scripture above states, when 1 of 99 (100) of Jesus’ sheep go missing, Jesus goes after that 1. And, maybe in a similar fashion to my vision, Jesus goes after the 1 who, for whatever reason, doesn’t like Him or care about Him. Jesus knows the 99 like Him and care about Him, but Jesus is on a mission to get that 1 to come back to Him.

What I ponder today is, “why do I want to go after the 1 who doesn’t like me or care about me when I have the 99 who do?” Can you relate to me and Jesus? If I were to go deeper (and you know I will), I have to seek the understanding of why the 1 and not the 99? Can’t I just “let go” of the 1 and return to the 99? This is God’s Room after all where the Holy Spirit is orchestrating everything; don’t I owe it to God and the Holy Spirit to turn away from the 1 and face and join the 99?

Today, just for today, this daily bread, I will seek out the 99. I will “let go” of the 1. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, I didn’t do anything for the 1 not to like me or care about me. Maybe the 1 not liking me or caring about me has NOTHING to do with me? Maybe the 1 don’t like my nose? Maybe the 1 don’t like how I speak? Maybe the 1 don’t like the way I dress? Maybe the 1 don’t “get me” and that this is okay, especially in the light of the 99 who do?

If you have a 1 in your life like me, maybe today, just for today, this daily bread, you, too, can return to the 99 and be liked and loved and give them your liking and your loving. It has been well-documented that “there is strength in numbers.” This very well may be true when it comes to 99. And think about it this way: The 1 has NOT left the room yet, so there may be a chance that the 1 will return with you and me to the 99, so all can be 100. Because when it comes to 1, there is ONLY 1: Jesus, The Only-Begotten Son of God.

“It ain’t over ’til the 1 fat sheep sings about God’s Love.”

Much love and many blessings, especially for the 1 of the 99 of the 100,

Timothy J. Verret

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