“The OO’s in this painting are God’s Eyes, and God IS watching OOut for His Animals.”

(an “animal welfare” painting by Timothy J. Verret)

It took much time, much longer than normally, to complete this painting. I bled much doing it.

I became fascinated by OO’s and these representing God’s Eyes. I saw fit to incorporate these OO’s into 4 spheres of the painting (with God’s OO in the center):

  1. don’t hunt mOOse
  2. animal research is cuckOO
  3. fOOd
  4. zOO

After looking at Edvard Munch’s and Franz Marc’s paintings, I became inspired to do this “animal welfare” painting. I initially considered doing a mural but settled for just a larger canvas. I know a mural is in my future, as I will undoubtedly continue down this path of paralleling my passion for painting with my passion for animal welfare.

Please leave comments, feedback and/or suggestions regarding this painting, I very much would love to hear how it grabbed you, how it moved you, how it changed you, how it angered you, how it saddened you….ANYTHING but NOT how it bored you.

Blessings and always much love and compassion for God’s Animals,

-Timothy J. Verret

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