“ALMIGHTY, not ‘allmy’ghty!”

“Do you feel the world is broken? (we do!) Do you feel the shadows deepen? (we do!) Is He worthy. (HE IS!)” – Chris Tomlin

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in His Almighty and not my ‘allmy’ghty”)

You can’t see yourself getting through this one.

The “bane of my existence” is your “out

of sorts,” “out of balance,” “outcast,” “outdone.”

You’ll give “in” when your “my” becomes your drought.

I ‘oft thirst when I try to be “my”ghty.

I expect to drink whenever I want.

The camel never goes thirsty for “why

no water?” God supplies. So, why this daunt?

“God will supply all your needs through The Christ.”

Philippians 4:Nineteen – ALMIGHTY!

What we lack, and there is much, God has Priced

through Jesus, the Riches of His “That’s Why!”

God knows we want the glory when flighty.

We respond, “ALMIGHTY, not ‘allmy’ghty!”

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