“I am THAT sheep.”

“We are THAT sheep and we are His reflection when we go THAT deep.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in going THAT deep with Jesus, for it is only when I go THAT deep with Jesus THAT I can rise”)

Go deep with me,” you implore. You’re a shell

needing the return to the sea’s expanse.

You feel not seen. Ghosts know this feeling well.

You hold what you need inside you….by chance?

It’s no accident that I go deep need.

Jesus went that deep and then God’s Appeal.

He rose. I “knows” I’m to rise, too. First, bleed.

Deep wounds must bleed, then bandaged, now they heal.

“He was pierced for us; by His Stripes, we’re healed.”

Isaiah 53:Five – It’s THAT deep!

We’ll go THAT deep when we’re bloodied from kneeled.

We’ll rise when we’ve declared, “I am THAT sheep.”

Let us cut to the chase: We need Him deep.

Let us run the Sheep Race: We’ll need UPkeep.

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