“In my youth, I would have joined this organization for sure!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the good riddance of the untruths of my youth and the acceptance of God’s Word that I MATTER!!!!”)

You were told untruths of your youth: “Don’t! Stop!”

Came “I am wrong” with that, guilty as charged.

You did nothing wrong to deserve “chop-chop.”

You should have heard, “Do! Go!” That’s truth enlarged.

The untruths of my youth were “not enough,

be afraid, earn your keep.” Didn’t deserve

what I got good; with bad, I got shame stuff.

I’ve left the shame of my youth. Now, I serve

God’s Truth. “You’ll know The Truth; you’ll be set free.”

John Eight:32 – The Truth is we matter,

we always did, despite their untruths. He

saw to it we’d speak God’s Love, end chatter.

I’m sorry we had to hear their uncouth.

God dispels all the untruths of our youth.


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