While I certainly do not want to promote anything for the hotel, other than great promotions, I do want to comment on something you have probably heard of, especially of late with COVID, and I think it certainly is worth mentioning and exploring….and that is veganism!

Why veganism? Let’s see if I can make some comments on that, but I suppose a definition is in order. Veganism is “the practice of eating food not derived from animals and typically of avoiding the use of other animal products.”

I practice veganism. Why? Because I love animals. I consider animals my friends, so I would rather not hurt my friends. I think a lot of people really care about animals, but there seems to be a “disconnect” with them. A good example of this is someone who loves their companion animal like their dog or cat yet somehow the love for a cow or a pig gets lost in the food mix. I personally don’t see the difference in the love, if I am being completely honest, but that is called “speciesism,” and that’s for another blog post! 🙂

Veganism does mean more than food. Veganism is a way of life where one who practices it does not eat or buy or use anything that comes from an animal or anything where animals had to suffer for it. That includes food, yes, but it also includes clothing, all cleaning or grooming products that are tested on animals or any entertainment spectacle where animals are used and abused. So, yes, I don’t eat meat or any product that comes from an animal like dairy products (I promise you Almond Milk rules!!!!) or products for shaving or bathing that were tested on animals or cleaning products that were tested on animals (but, then again, I don’t clean that much) or attend any function in the name of entertainment where animals are used and abused (that includes zoos, circuses, rodeos….none of that!)

But what does veganism have to do with COVID? The reports are astounding and conclusive that COVID had its origins in a live animal meat market in China. And now with increasing severity, reports are coming in that state that many factory farm workers, for example, are testing positive for COVID. It is this human-animal interaction that has led to so many viruses that we have had to battle and thankfully win the fight, but COVID is proving to be a pretty nasty virus to contain for a cure. And I’m not talking about human-animal interaction as far as our pets, yet some might argue, “Timothy, if you want to end human-animal interaction, then we should all get rid of our pets!” Of course not! Our companion animals give us comfort and unconditional love, but human-animal interaction that is about greed, money, abuse, domination, etc., has little to do, if anything, with comfort and unconditional love. “Comfort food” is tasty, for sure, but at what price are we willing to get that comforted? More cruel slaughter of factory farm animals? More factory farm workers testing positive for COVID? More rampant abuse and domination of animals simply because humans can? 

Veganism is not a diet nor is it a duty; it is a lifestyle and an obligation to protect all God’s animals and all God’s people. A good case in point regarding this is that many animal welfare groups have gotten behind “Black Lives Matter.” You would think these animal welfare groups would want to stay out of this, as it does not relate to animals, but these groups are involved in it, because they know stand for social oppression, domination, “man over animal.” “Black Lives Matter” is about oppression, domination, “man over other men,” so animal welfare groups have come on board to lend their voice yet again, for they will always speak up for the voiceless.

Veganism is about having a voice for the voiceless. Veganism is about extending love and compassion to not only humans but also animals….BOTH! Can there be any other way to a life lived to its fullest than a life that incorporates humanity for humans and humanity for animals?

Try love! Try compassion! Try veganism!


Timothy J. Verret, Creative Marketing Rep, DISCOVERY INN & SUITES

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