“Preach on nothing but this….GOD’S LOVE!!!!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in always preaching God’s Love to whoever needs their feet beautifully washed”)

You are “too preachy,” they say, too much “you.”

You keep it “I” or “we.” What do they want?

They’ve been preached to enough about the do

this or that. You remind them of the taunt.

I’ve been called “too preachy.” No one listens

for why I preach: To understand my lack.

I, too, keep it “I” or “we.” What glistens

is The Truth, even if others attack.

“How beautiful the feet of preached Good News.”

Romans Ten:15 – Too the washing of feet.

Jesus preached and washed feet, and He loved to schmooze.

With Him, nothing was too small or too sweet.

Preach on, dear friends, for what awaits is Bliss.

Preach on God’s Love. Preach on nothing but this.

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