“I just love that I found this Enneagram analysis of the Pooh characters. And, yes, I have always thought that Eeyore was a 4 like me. I feel you, Eeyore!”

Two of my favorite things add up to 18: 9 Fruitage of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23 in the Bible for these 9; they will also be listed below) and 9 Enneagram types (see http://www.enneagraminstitute.com, if you are unfamiliar with this spiritual tool).

While doing a Self-Study Bible Course, I realized (actually, already knew) that there were 9 Fruitage of the Spirit which made me think of the 9 Enneagram Types. I felt I was definitely onto something to ponder, so I applied the 9 Fruitage of the Spirit to the 9 Enneagram Types to see how it all stacked up. I was looking in particular for the benefit of the 9 Fruitage of the Spirit for the “appropriate” Enneagram Type, contemplating why that particular fruitage applied and what lessons could come from applying it to the Enneagram Types.

This is in no way, shape, or form an application that, to the best of knowledge, has been documented. I am simply formulating and feeling, things I do very well, to see what gives. Here is how I scored it all up:

LOVE: Enneagram 2, The Helper

Enneagram 2s are focused on the love they give and the love they receive. They believe that it is the helping of others that will garner them the love they so desperately seek. It would help, though, if they realized they were already loved and need not try to kill themselves earning it.

PEACE: Enneagram 9, The Peacemaker

This one was….duh. Enneagram 9s want peace over chaos in themselves, others, and the world around them. They don’t have much to work on here. They just need to “keep the peace” that comes naturally to them and stay especially tuned in to their insides where they can sometimes fear to go.

PATIENCE: Enneagram 3, The Performer

Enneagram 3s search for acceptance through what they do. They trip over themselves doing this and doing that and can often feel overworked and underappreciated. It is patience that they need to see them through their busy schedule of lofty pursuits.

KINDNESS: Enneagram 6, The Questioner

Enneagram 6s can be downright paranoid and question their place in the world and everyone else’s place in their world. If they would just tap into their unquestionable inner kindness to themselves and others, they will no longer need to question themselves or anything or anyone else.

GOODNESS: Enneagram 5, The Observer

Enneagram 5s observe because they are afraid to step out on a limb, as they think they are not good enough (I should know; as a 4, my predominant wing is 5). They really are good, and it’s their goodness that will “high-5” them to go out there and live an exciting life.

FAITHFULNESS: Enneagram 7, The Adventurer

Enneagram 7s are hard to catch up with, because they are always out there living it up. They are never home unless forced to stay home (haha). The problem is they can do a whole lot to the point of not knowing when to quit. Faithfulness can give all their fun-loving ideas and optimism real meaning.

GENTLENESS: Enneagram 8, The Asserter

Boy, do Enneagram 8s ever need gentleness. They come on so strong and actually can enjoy conflict. They do this because inside they feel so weak. They overcompensate for a low self-image. Gentleness is their ticket out of a boiling and often unpredictable temper.

JOY: Enneagram 4, The Artist

Yes, Enneagram 4s need some serious joy for their serious moods (especially if they are 4w5, like me). They can be so hard on themselves. They really deserve joy because they are quite insightful and intriguing (that’s if they let you know them that deep) 😉

SELF-CONTROL: Enneagram 1, The Perfectionist

Enneagram 1s need self-control because their perfectionistic outlook can leave them never satisfied with themselves or others. Their incessant need to control their environment and others tires them out. For them, holding back on all that control can give them room to breathe and relax.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about this blog post and/or need Enneagram counseling (I’m not licensed, but I know the Enneagram and how it works quite well), please do not hesitate to contact me. I can spend hours upon hours doing this kind of work because it is so interesting to me, so helpful and, in the end, so freeing.

Timothy J. Verret


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