“Is that a male or female dove?”

I’m sure to receive some flack from this post, but I have to write about these things that I try to understand. I would like nothing more than to write this post and give you facts after facts, verse after verse, but I am not really a “factual” writer but rather a “feeling” writer (I also have concentration issues, so too many facts can leave me too many confused πŸ™„). I write about what I feel and for me, that is usually all the facts I need. I might throw in some “facts” here and there in this post, but please know that these same things can be very subjective. The Bible is a “subjective” Book for me, though many would NOT agree with that and they might even fight me on that. That still can’t take away what I feel in my gut (and heart and mind, too). I write to understand, and I understand to write. It’s that simple:

I did skim over the beginning of the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Nowhere does it say that God created all things as a male or a female. It doesn’t say, “He rested on the seventh day” or “She rested on the seventh day.” No, it just says, “God rested on the seventh day.” Many of us rest on that seventh day (Sunday) because God rested on that day. Men, I think, rarely rest on any days! Women, neither, I suppose. But God did, and it does not say whether “He rested” or “She rested.” Just says, “God rested.”

God made Adam and Eve. That’s in the Bible. I won’t bore you with too many details of this, as far as postulating, “Did they really get along or did they fight all the time?” Suffice to say God created Adam as a man and Eve as a woman. ‘Nuf said. But was God, The Creator of All Things, a man or a woman? I most definitely think NOT!!!! Because God is Spirit, and Spirit is Genderless. Agree? Disagree? Whatever you will…..

I will often pray to God as “Father.” Why am I praying to “The Father?” Why am I not praying to “The Mother?” If God is indeed Genderless, why would I even want to pray to God as a male or a female? It seems I would best be served as praying to God as Spirit, right? They say God is a “Good Father.” God is a GOOD Spirit, not a bad spirit (I think you know who the bad spirit is).

Now here is where I’m going to get hit hard: Is it possible that it is only man, with that high level of pride so prevalent, who chose to “make” God a man? Don’t some men want to see that it is man who rules and it is woman who doesn’t, and that we are talking about a male-dominated (and -dominating) world that seeks to make all things male to satisfy the ever-hungry male ego? I have heard some say God is Female; I am sure this is from those who don’t wish to “serve man,” e.g., make God as Male, for look at what so many males have done in this world to wreak havoc on the poor, the destitute, the lonely, the “weak ones.” I’m not saying women haven’t done this, but men have done it for a whole lot longer.

Then I’m left with, “does it really matter, Timothy, whether you call God ‘Father’ or ‘Mother’ or ‘Spirit’ or whatever?” That is a very good question, by the way. I guess I seek to call God by His (oh oh, I can’t believe I just typed that! πŸ₯°) Rightful Name. Her Rightful Name. Spirit Rightful Name. Jehovah. Abba Father (?). At this point, I’m vying for “Creator,” because God has given me so many wonderfully nuanced talents and artistic gifts to create wonderfully nuanced works, and I don’t want to ever forget that!

And here’s where I might get hit hard again: Does God creating Adam Male and Eve Female mean all that much if God is Genderless? You know they are going to go for my jugular with that one, because they will say, “YES! It matters a great deal, for God made Adam and Eve so Adam would not be so lonely and together, they would procreate.” In all actuality, it does say that in The Bible, so I won’t argue that one. But what about those, like me, who are way up in the years and do not see the whole procreation happening in our lifetime? Are we somehow excluded from God’s Original Plan, if believed to procreate? And even if God had an Original Plan like this, didn’t that all get thwarted when God made Jesus (Male) who preached about love and not gender-related love? “Love thy neighbor” didn’t say “Love thy man neighbor” or “Love thy woman neighbor.” No, Jesus said “love your male and female and animal neighbors.” I don’t know if I am trying to take the platform of “God doesn’t hate fags but rather loves fags,” but I do want to believe, “God Loves Everyone, All God’s People and All God’s Animals for All Time.”

Just some spiritual food for thought. It’s not like I’m trying to “change” you; I’m just trying to understand you….and me….and Jesus….and Spirit God, The Creator!

Many blessings and much genderless (and much “animalmore”) Love,

Timothy J. Verret


  1. Hi, Timothy:

    This is an interesting post, and I would like to add a bit more for thought.

    Genesis 1:26-27

    Then God said, β€œLet us make man[a] in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

    So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

    From the very beginning, the two (Adam and Eve) reflect the likeness and image of God. Even before putting Adam in the Garden of Eden, God decreed that **they** β€” male and female β€” were created in God’s image.

    Rather than saying ‘God is genderless,’ perhaps it is more accurate to say that God encompasses both sexes, and it takes both sexes to reflect His image. I use the word ‘sexes’ deliberately since the original seems to deal with biology here.

    In Genesis 2:18, God remarks that “It is not good for man to live alone.” He then creates an “‘ezer kenegdo,” a ‘helper’ who is meet or fit for him. (KJV) Two things to note here: 1) ‘kenegdo’ means ‘corresponding to him’ and is used in contrast to all the animals over which man exercises rule. (The nature of man’s rule is another topic that bears investigation.) So, Eve corresponds to Adam with a strong implication of equality. 2) The word ‘ezer does not imply subordination and applies often to God as Israel’s ‘helper.’ We are not talking about a ‘sidekick.’ Some have suggested that a more accurate modern translation might be along the lines of “a partner equal to him.”

    In addition, while “… by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin” (Romans 5:12), it is not until after the Flood that God specifically gives animals as food to man. I have heard sermons and read stories about how the animals suddenly became predators and prey the moment Adam sinned in the Garden. I’m not so certain that is what happened. In Genesis 9:1-7, God makes a covenant with Noah, places the dread of man on all animals, and gives all animals to man as food. They have just come out of the Ark. If animals were already predator and prey species, that time could have been pretty tense. If, however, animals become prey (and predator) only after this ‘second fall,’ the modern condition regarding predator and prey could be something that develops more slowly as a growing consequence of sin.

    Just some thoughts.


    1. Hey HerrHerrell: Thank you so much for commenting on this blog post. I took to heart all you mentioned.

      As far as God being “sexes,” I like that. I have had to do so much soul-searching to comprehend whether it is Father God or Mother God or Genderless God. I think sometimes we can “label” God too much. I say this because I am studying with Jehovah Witnesses and while they have much to say that I like, I can find them often enough “Phariseeical.” God is God, and we can call God Jehovah, Creator, Abba Father, kind of whatever, just as long as we call on God. πŸ˜‰

      I do have much to say about animals for food. I am a vegan and I did not make this choice to disobey God. I simply made this decision based on what I saw happens to farm animals in factory farms (, where 99% of meat consumed by humans comes from. When I saw what happened to farm animals in factory farms, I was in bed for weeks from so much depression and devastation. I couldn’t believe what we were doing to God’s Animals, and I did not think for one second that God approved of factory farms. I certainly didn’t, so I went vegan. I’m not sure if others who were able to see what happens in factory farms would NOT go vegan. Paul McCartney quoted, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian,” and I think there is much truth to that. Fast-food drive-thrus might have to shut down if when ordering, the customer would have to kill the animal before they could arrive at the window to receive their “meat meal.”

      And the Bible talks often of “you care for (revere) both people and animals, O Lord,” (Psalm 36:6) and “a righteous man has regard for his beast” (Proverbs 12:10). Clearly, God cares about All Creatures, people and animals, and wants no harm to come to any of them.

      And as far as whether we should be vegan or not, you made it clear that, yes, we had vegetation to eat in Paradise and after Noah’s Flood, man gave animals for food, but this also brings me to the scripture, “The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them.” (Romans 14:3). I read this to mean “go vegan” or “don’t go vegan.” It’s your choice, but certainly don’t belittle one or the other. I know some vegan friends who don’t even want to be at the same table with someone who is eating meat. I hope I never become that judgmental as to not want to sit at a table with someone who is eating meat. I won’t lie, though. It does hurt my heart, simply because I am brought back to that video and what that farm animal had to go through so that the meat-eating person sitting across the table from me could feast. But I know it’s not business to tell someone whether they should eat meat or not, and it certainly is no one else’s business to tell me whether I should eat meat or not. We must respect the vegan and the nonvegan. As mentioned, I’m vegan because of the cruelty and my need to show compassion for All God’s Creatures.

      Thanks again for the comment, and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss issues such as these. I hope I didn’t come across “too preachy” or even “too angry.” I was just trying to understand rather than be understood, though I feel I often desire BOTH! πŸ™‚



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