“When I’m really down, which is often, I will listen to this song. It inspires me. Fantasia sings, ‘And finally, I believe….I believe in the impossible if I receive it from my heart….Love keeps lifting me Higher. You oughta try it for yourself.’ Amen….ZERO WRONG!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the unblemished, unspoiled (ZERO WRONG) life I will live out of God’s Mercy and Grace in ALL things ALL because I BELIEVE”)

Do you know there is zero wrong with you?

You got told differently by some birdbrain.

You messed up and they tore into you new

“wrongs” for their old “wrongs,” their failures, their pain.

Is it true there is zero wrong with me?

That can’t be! If it were so, why this hurt?

Hurt is how I heal. Hurt is there to see

why I desperately need His Graced Divert.

“You’re beautiful, my love, no spot in thee.”

Song of Solomon 4:Seven – FLAWLESS!

We heard Him right! Unblemished. Unspoiled. FREE!

Our “zero” is His Numberless Solace.

We can rest with His Love all the daylong.

And we will sleep for we are zero wrong.

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