This is an example of a CLEARING OFF THE TABLE exercise I did.

This is the CLEARING OFF THE TABLE exercise:

I want to say just get a regular piece of paper will do but, that said, if you think you have a lot of stuff on your table to clear, you might want to get a bigger piece of paper. 😁

Draw a circle in the dead center of the paper (leave some space around the table to write out notes) and write, “MY TABLE” at the bottom. I did the exercise with colored pencils/markers, but I think it will be just fine with a solid-colored pen or pencil.

Draw “little plates” (circles) on the table and write one or two words inside each plate that is something you are struggling with and/or feeling you need to deal with right now. Chances are if you did this exercise correctly, the table will be full….and that’s okay, because you will soon be “clearing off the table.” 👍

Now, take each plate (circle) and ask yourself, “Okay, I see that this is on my table. Is it possible for me to remove this plate (issue) from my table?” If it is something that you are not having to deal with RIGHT NOW, it would be best to remove it from the table. “Scratch through” the plate so that the word or words are no longer visible. Do the same for each plate.

After doing this, look at your table and see the plates that you have decided to leave on the table. It would be totally awesome if you were able to remove all the plates, but chances are that won’t happen. By looking at the plates left, you will see that, yes, you do need them on the table, so put these plates on your mind and heart. You might also want to write outside of the table with an arrow pointing to each plate some thoughts or feelings that come up with the plate being left on the table (you can see above I did just that).

Now that you have removed the plates that don’t need to be on your table right now, you can put them out of your mind and heart. Might not be easy, though, so return to your table throughout the day to refocus your time and energy solely on the plates you left on the table.

Happy “table clearing,” 💖

Timothy J. Verret


  1. Good exercise, Timothy! Thanks for sharing it with me. It sounds like a fabulous exercise, especially for seeing everything we have on our table at once. Getting a visual with it laid out in black and white. Lots of times it’s hard to get a good view of it all because it just exists in our minds, we know we have all this stuff on the table in our minds, but seeing it in black and white can make it clearer. And then it is also easier to pray over it all and see what can be removed. Thanks, really helpful!


  2. Yes, Kathy, I’m glad God brought the “table” to you so that I can be reminded to “clean off my table” just for today, this daily leavened [Jesus Rises!] bread. Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit ALWAYS need to have a place at my “table” and, of course, all dishes prepared are vegan!!!! 😉


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