He said, “Come to ME over the waters.”

“You’re not bad, Timothy. You’re Just of little faith in ME.” – Jesus Christ

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Just this – ‘Come to ME, Timothy, for I will make you to Just walk over the waters.'”)

You with little faith, doubt not you have grown.

You have learned to walk over the waters.

It’s when you look away that you bemoan.

Shame will do that, keep you in close quarters.

He comes to me, I go to Him, we meet middle.

I look to you, you look to me, we go under.

His Hands grab us both, paddle the piddle.

Back in the boat, we’re safe. Why’d I wonder?

“4th watch of the night, He walks on the sea.”

Matthew 14:TwentyFive – “It’s a ghost!”

No, it’s Just Jesus Just Unafraid, see?

Don’t Just see Him, Faith Him, clear is His Coast.

People in our lives, we hold as MARTYRS.

He said, “Come to ME over the waters.”

2 thoughts on “He said, “Come to ME over the waters.”

  1. Timothy J. Verret

    That would be me often enough, Dag. Let Him build up our Faith in Him! We can’t do it by our own might and power. It’s Holy Spirit Power! 🙂


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