(a painting by Edvard Munch)

“Dear God: Help me talk about un(-)requited love. I yearn for Your Holy Spirit, God, to talk about Your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ. Help me to know that love is who You are and all You will ever be. I want to know about Your Love, whether it is un(-)requited or Your Approved. I pray all this in the Wonderful and Marvelous Name of Jesus Christ with thanksgiving for all You give me, God. Amen.”

Un(-)requited love.

I was in my therapist’s office yesterday, and I brought up that Jesus Christ knows about all I have walked through, felt, experienced, processed, EXCEPT un(-)requited love. I broached this because I felt that my love for my therapist was un(-)requited. He told me that, in fact, Jesus Christ DID know all about un(-)requited love. I must admit I was miffed at the time, but I have had the necessary time to reflect, rejuvenate, and report:

Jesus Christ, yes, does know ALL about un(-)requited love. Anytime someone chooses not to love Jesus Christ, that is un(-)requited love. Jesus wants nothing more than to love all of us. When we don’t, Jesus grieves for that un(-)requited love. Why would we deny Jesus that opportunity to love us exactly the way we want to be loved?

Some of us, myself included, think love is about physical touch, kissing, sex. Some of us, myself included, think love is about companionship, gifts given and received, quality time spent together, affirmations, service stuff. Jesus’ Love is about all those things except the physical touch, kissing, sex. Jesus’ Love is about companionship; “sit down with me and tell me what’s on your mind and heart, for I am all ears.” Jesus’ Love is about gifts given and received; “I gave my life for you, and all I ask is that you receive me.” Jesus’ Love is about quality time spent together; “I know you think I’m too busy to share things with you, but I’m not THAT busy.” Jesus’ Love is about affirmations; “I love you with a Love Everlasting, because you mean that much to me.” Jesus Love is about service stuff; “Please serve Me, for I promise you this will not be a burden for you at all.”

How is Jesus able to do this much stuff in the Name of Love? Because He is a companion, a gift giver and receiver, a quality time Man, an affirming Man, a service Man worthy to be served, and He is ALL these things because He does ALL these things for His Father God. Any good son does what his father tells him to do. The problem lies when any good son doesn’t want to do what his father tells him to do because this good son doesn’t trust that his father has his best interests at heart, that his father really doesn’t care about him all that much, that his father feels the son has become nothing but a disappointment. Father God doesn’t feel any of these ways about His One and Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Father God always had His Son’s best interests at heart, really cared about him all that much, and never in a million years would think His Son is a disappointment. That IS how Good Fathers feel about their Good Sons.

Un(-)requited love simply means that whoever you are trying to get love from, that same whoever can’t quite give it to you the way you want. It doesn’t mean that unrequited love is un(-)requited; it just means that it’s a requited kind of love but not what you would expect. Jesus’ Love is ALWAYS requited because His Father taught Him well, taught Him that His Love is unconditional, constant, consistent, never fails, never waxes and wanes, never comes to any kind of end. That really IS the best kind of requited love, is it not?

I welcome you to join me to receive Jesus’ Requited Love. I invite you to receive it from Him and give it to others. Love others not for how they might fail to love you your way but rather for how your love will never fail them in any way. We are all searching for love and we know it! How else can one explain so many films and poems and plays and paintings (see Edvard Munch’s brilliantly-nuanced work above) and songs being all about love? These platforms might not all be created in the vein of love, but it seems the ones we remember and the ones that stick with us ARE in the Vine of Love.

When I left my therapist’s office yesterday, having had him tell me that Jesus Christ knew all about un(-)requited love, I was able to rest in the wisdom and knowledge that my therapist loves me the only way he can, and that I love my therapist in the only way he needs me to love him. I instinctively and intuitively knew that my therapist, yet again, brought Jesus to me in The Way, The Truth, and The Life that IS Jesus’ Way and Jesus’ Truth for all who requite Him with Love, so that we all might have life and have it abundantly and extra(-)ordinarily extra(-)ordinary.

Always blessings, always Love, and always you and me in The Name of His Requited Love,

Timothy J. Verret

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