“Our cluttered tables leave no room for ‘headspace’ and no place for Jesus.”
“Care to share a vegan meal with me, Jesus?”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in an uncluttered table, a knock, an invitation accepted for Jesus to sit at my table for a vegan meal”)

You’re sitting at your table, you alone.

You’d rest your head on it if there was space.

The table is covered with plates you’re prone

to throw and break and crash to rid disgrace.

I sit at my table with vegan meals.

Hardly the problem. It’s the side dishes:

Angry aches a la carte. Side of shame steals

my appetite for Love served, Grace wishes.

“I knock. I come in and I eat with you.”

Revelation Three:20 – Table cleared.

We serve Him. We cater to Him. We, who,

never will eat alone now He’s appeared.

Some will say more dishes, more we’re able

to eat. Nope. He’s clearing off our table.


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