“Type ‘Amen’ twice if you believe all animals and all people deserve love.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope that Love always wins, always soars, always gives and always takes, always and only with God’s Love [“you were born this way”]”)

You got “Amen” to rest in, to recline.

You want to make it more than that: Profound.

“C’mon, it’s gotta be bigger, right? Mine?”

Not yours. Outside you. You are the background.

When I “Amen,” I got Love on my mind,

not mine; the Love that circles the grand globe.

Love soars that high, that far, that unconfined.

All else but Love is tricky: Too much probe.

“God is Love. We were Love when we were born.”

First John 4:Seven – We Love each other.

We do zilch but Love. Not else we adorn.

We are “Amen” to His Love; no smother.

“Amen” is when “men” Love, men are “A” plus.

Love is God’s Grade. Our marks? Superfluous.

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