“Allow God In….Allow His Instruction….Allow His Love to write your story.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the Allow of God to instruct me on how to write His Story for my life”)

You’ve been ignorant, “ignor”ing God’s “rant.”

He instructs and you disobey. Why that?

Stubborn or spoiled? Little “will,” too much “can’t.”

It’s “won’t” that you won’t. It’s “want” that you spat.

I “will” get the hell out of dodge if “won’t.”

When you don’t want me, I won’t stick around.

It will be “CYA!” It won’t be “please, don’t?”

I won’t fight for you, though I punch and pound.

“Listen to My Instruction, don’t ignore.”

Proverbs Eight:33 – Please say we “won’t.”

Please want what God wants, not our wants done for.

We are way too tired to keep this up; DON’T!!!!

God’s Voice “Will” come in hushed moments of “now.”

“stay….move.” “stop….go.” “fix….SURRENDER.” Allow.

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