“When we (fall)/(fail), and we will, God is always Up.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in God’s Up when I (fall)/(fail)”)

Many have come and gone in your lifespan.

You’ve gained, you’ve lost, you have been tossed and turned.

And none was what you expected; no plan

you made, no reason you rhymed. Yes. You. Spurned.

I planned it all. I sought to fill the void,

the chasm, when I fainted and dropped deep,

when I cried out, “God? You up there annoyed?”

When God came down, lifted me up from weep.

“God sustains all who (fall)/(fail), raises all Up.”

Psalm One4Five:4teen – God’s Plans don’t (fall)/(fail).

Even when we (fall) and (fail), God is StartUp.

Begin again, (fall)/(fail) again, Up, Prevail.

We can’t know when God’s Score will be settled.

We can be certain when we (fall)/(fail), nettled.

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