WHERE? THERE? NO MORE! (a fairy tale….or a fairy “tail?”)

‘Fairy Animals’, 1913 , a painting by Franz Marc

“Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be NO MORE;
You will look at WHERE they were,
And they will not be THERE.”
-Psalm 37:10

Can you imagine what a celebratory hour that will be? When you look WHERE the wicked once were, and they will no longer be THERE. WHERE? THERE? No, they are not WHERE or THERE….NO MORE! When I can look WHERE and THERE and see no more cruelty to people and animals (especially animals). When I can look around me and the wicked will be NO MORE!

Some tend to think “the last days” will be a time of great horror and great upheaval, but will it be such if the wicked are done away with? I don’t consider that horrible at all; I would only consider it a very “up” time. When the “upheaval” will be no more “up-evil.”

Whenever I encounter these Biblical verses, I do have to ask myself, “Is the wicked talked about here include me????” What a frightening thought that is! I don’t think I’m alone, though, in that speculation. Haven’t we all did things that we regret, that we would consider “wicked?” Have we gone to Jesus Christ and admitted (confessed) that we did very wrong and that we were very wicked and that we need His Forgiveness? Have we said to Jesus and meant what we said, “Forgive me my trespasses, as I forgive those who trespass against me?” Notice, that is present tense. It’s not past nor future, is it? Forgive….NOW!

But back to “wicked.” We must pray to Jesus that we are not seen as wicked in God’s Eyes. We must pray that God is the Merciful and Loving and Forgiving Father that the Bible reports. We must always confess our wrongs and make our rights. We must always love AT ALL COSTS, IN ANY WEATHER, FOR ALL TIME!

The Bible verse makes reference to, “just a little while longer.” If God is not a “I’m setting my watch to this” God, then can any of us expect that the “little while longer” is something our definition of time can tell us? I don’t think so. “Little while longer” might be a far way down this road we call life. Or it could be before I finish this post. That’s a pretty scary thought, ain’t it?

Yes, “just a little while longer, and the wicked will be NO MORE. You will look at WHERE they were, and they will not be THERE.” No more abusers of people and animals. No more domination of man over other men and animals. No more meanness. No more violence. No more hate. It might even be like a fairy tale…or a fairy “tail,” what Franz Marc so eloquently captured in his painting, ‘Fairy Animals’ (see above).

None of that “wicked stuff” will be WHERE it is NOW, right THERE. It will be NO MORE…ZERO….ZILCH….SAYONARA….FINISHED.

Yes, “it is finished.”

Much love and many blessings always,

Timothy J. Verret

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