Nails the problem

“There’s a drop of blood on the crown. That’s enough to Nails the problem.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in my problem Nailed by the Holy Spirit”)

You are here, not there. If you were there, bad.

You are much, not waste. If you were waste, here

you would not be. You’d be there. No nomad.

You are good. You were just given bum steer.

I suffer. Not good. It is optional.

Pain is mandatory: RSVP.

If I don’t go good route of pain, dismal

is my prognosis; no cure for me free.

“No one is truly good but One. That’s God!”

Mark 10:8 – Try as we might, we will fail.

It’s the “might” that sets us up for pooped plod.

Good is Holy Spirit Path of Graced Grail.

Seize the Good that comes from God, not from them.

The Good Holy Spirit Nails the problem.

2 thoughts on “Nails the problem

  1. That is what God told me today in this sonnet. It was clear that by my own might and power, I can do NOTHING and, in fact, all will be made worse. So, yes, it is Holy Spirit that I must call upon and rely on to stay the course. It is not always easy to be told things like this that go against my very own human nature, but it is a reminder that we will not “grow” by flesh and might and power but “grow” ONLY by Holy Spirit. It is Holy Spirit Unconsciousness that leads to God Consciousness. Not always easy to be such a messenger when the world sees this very thing exactly opposite! :((


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