DISCOVERY INN & SUITES‘ June Newsletter is up and running! Check it out today! It offers some great words and great advice for capturing a June spirit of laughter, fun, creativity, and always love!

I really want to encourage parents and/or caregivers to read the section on “Papa Bear Parenting Rules” that were introduced to me by a fellow writer friend, Gopi Menon. His insight into raising happy and healthy children really inspired me and I think it will inspire you, too! You can find out more about this wonderful author at his website, You can also read his full book at:

And don’t forget to check out the page on the different ways to create this month. I offered some fantastic suggestions on how to “keep it real” and “keep it creative” in June. Creativity is a wonderful way to have a voice during these times when the weight of the world’s woes can become way too much. The world needs your creative and unique vision, so I encourage you to create and share with me what you create. I’ll be quite honored to post it on my website here.

A huge thank you to my manager, Mr. P, for allowing me the freedom to be as creative as I can be with the newsletter. While the newsletter might not be so much about promotions and “good deals” the hotel offers, I do feel that it enlightens those who are looking for a good read and a welcome opportunity to relax, unwind, and “read up” while staying with us! One day soon, I’ll get to marketing the hotel as well-rounded as I can, i.e., bringing guests to the hotel AND always keeping them entertained while they are here with us!

-Timothy J. Verret, Creative Marketing Rep, DISCOVERY INN & SUITES

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